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Enjoy increased flexibility and get the performance you need with the latest Samsung DC Enterprise SSD Storage and the latest XEON CPUs!
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Pricing Tables

Storage CPU Memory Bandwidth Price Availability
20GB SSD HOT offer 1 vCPU 512MB 500GB $7.90/mo Config
40GB SSD 1 vCPU 1024MB 1 TB $17.90/mo Config
60GB SSD 2 vCPU 2GB 1.5 TB $24.90/mo Config
20GB SSD 2 vCPU 4GB 2TB $32.90/mo Config
100GB SSD 4 vCPU 6GB 3TB $59.90/mo Config

Is VPS.ROCKS a DMCA ignored hosting provider?

VPS.ROCKS is anonymous and DMCA ignored hosting provider, we protect our clients from the illegitimate (fake) use of DMCA and copyrights complaints by filtering invalid one.

What is illegal (abuse) of the DMCA?

Abuse of the DMCA / Copyright laws include submission of reports for content which does not violate the copyright Law of Bulgaria and on same time complainer does not provide legitimated proofs.

Please read our Terms of Services for more info

Fully scalable to grow with you

We understand that it is impossible to guess the exact parameters of the hosting resources that you might need for your online project. This is why we are giving an easy way to upgrade at any time without downtimes.


Instant provisioning

All Offshore VPS Hosting plans are provided instantly as soon we receive the invoice payment


Redundant infrastructure with 100% Uptime guaranteed!

VPS Rocks reinvests and uses only the latest and premium hardware available today. This allows us to guarantee 99,99% hardware stability and 100% Uptime on the Network.

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VPS Server Technical Specifications

Check what is coming with your anonymous VPS hosting plan

Debian / CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 14/16
SSD Storage cPanel
Fedora 23, Debian 8
Tier III Data Center Plesk Onyx
Private Network Juniper Networks WHMCS
Quick VNC access DDos mitigation SAN storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered.

Does VPS Rocks accept Bitcoin Payments? Can I get a discount?
  • We would not be a true offshore hosting provider if we were not accepting cryptocurrencies. We accept Bitcoin / Litecoin / zCash and WE ENCOURAGE this payment method for BEST PRIVACY and low fees.

    We also give 10% discount, please use promo code cryptorocks

Is VPS Rocks DMCA ignored hosting provider? Can I run TOR?
  • We allow TOR exit nodes. DMCA is not relevant in Bulgaria. However, local copyright law is in effect. Any legal complaints are reviewed and we try to address any issue with our customer best interest in mind

I have an Adult website, Do you allow Adult hosting?
  • Yes, we allow adult hosting and any legal (18+ models) content.

Do you allow streaming hosting?
  • Yes, we allow video streaming

Will I get full root/administrator access to the VPS?
  • Since the above VPS plans are unmanaged (self managed) you are receiving FULL ROOT access which allows you to have full control over your hosting plan!

Do you perform server backups or snapshots?
  • We do not provide any automated backups or snapshots. Also, we don't keep any archives of customer data or activity. Upon request we can assist with setting remote backup storage.

    Our nodes are configured over RAID 10 which guarantee maximum data protection

Are there any hidden fees? Are thes prices final?
  • The prices are final, we don't have any hidden fees. Additional fees may apply for purchasing cPanel license, Additional IPv4 or Fully managed Support.